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The number 1 reason why startups fail is not for lack of adequate capital, but  for lack of sufficient sales.

Starting a new business is more than having a good business plan or acquiring the necessary capital. It is about execution–knowing exactly what to do on your first day, week, and month.  

What startups need more than a business plan is an action plan–something that translates their business plan into action.

DiamondTip is dedicated to providing startups with the tools, resources, information, and inspiration they need to stay on track and successfully build their businesses.

Startup Stats

  • The rate of new entrepreneurship is currently at 0.31% or 310 out of every 100,000 adults starting new businesses each month.
  • Percentage of new startups created to pursue new opportunities rather than out of necessity: 86.3%
  • Number of high-growth companies: 79 per 100,000 companies.
  • States with highest startup activities in 2017: California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado.
  • Smallest states with highest startup activities in 2017: Oklahoma, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Nevada.
  • The five metropolitan areas with the highest startup activities: Miami, Austin, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas.
  • Percentage of first generation immigrants who are business owners: 30%
  • Immigrants are twice as likely as native-born to start new businesses
  • Women make up 39.49% of all new entrepreneurs in the US
  • The top ten searched business categories for business plans: Services; Restaurants/café/bakeries; Retail/online stores; Medicine and Healthcare; Manufacturing; Nonprofit; Bars/Nightclubs; Farm and food Production; Wholesale and Distribution; Construction and Engineering.

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