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Henry Ford

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Henry Ford was a brilliant man but not a diplomatic one. When he started, Ford alienated every backer he ever had, including the wealthiest man in Detroit, by burning through their investments without a car to show for it. He then went on to start the Detroit Automobile Company, with a delivery truck for production. It proved inefficient and the company was reorganized into the Henry Ford Company in 1901. It took about a year until Ford had a dispute with his financial backers. He left in 1902.  

Feeling confident after the success of his Ford 999 race car, he set out once again to start his own company. In 1903, developing a product he deemed ready for market, he founded the Ford Motor Company with a mere $28,000 in capitalBacked by ordinary citizens, his company hit the ground running and met with initial success. In 1908, the Model T was released. It was deemed “a car for the great multitude” – it set the path for Ford to become the success it has today. Over 19 years he sold over 15,000,000 cars in the United States alone.   

After many false starts, Ford went on to produce one of the most successful manufacturing companies. He completely reorganized daily life with the introduction of automobiles and changed manufacturing itself with the introduction of the first moving assembly line. The impact he had on American life transcends Ford Motor Company.  

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